Lyle Pearson 200

  • Boise, ID
  • June 03, 2017
  • Saturday at 6:00 am

Start line address: 3110 S. Bown Way , Boise, ID 83702 How It Works: Each team will consist of four riders’ men or women. By adding the rider’s U.S.A Cycling category together your team total must be 10 or greater. Each team can put up to three riders on the road together, the only exception would be from Galena lodge to the finish when all four can ride. Robbie Creek to Idaho City only 1 rider from each team may do this section. A rider may only do four sections max and two sections minimum not including the final leg. Who ever start’s a leg must finish that leg before the next leg can be started. Transitions. Robbie creek Idaho city Summit of Mores Creek Lowman Grand Jean Summit of Banner Creek Stanley Frenchman Creek Galena Lodge Time Trial and Road bikes can be ridden. You can make bike changes in the transition area only. Entry $340.00 per team Handicaps: Point handicap: Each point over 15 will be worth 5 minutes Each point under 10 will add 5 minutes Example: Team total 20. 25 minutes off your total time. Weight handicap: Team weight over 799lbs will receive a 30-minute handicap. Age handicap: 10-minute handicap if team age is greater than 179 15-minute handicap if team age is greater than 199 20-minute handicap if team age is greater than 220 Gender handicap: A five minute handicap for each female on a team. Handicaps can be added together. Field Limit: 80 Teams. Any questions call 208-371-5175. Thanks Mike Cooley

4 Person 200 Miles : 61 Racers - Final at 8:30pm
PlaceBibNameTeamStateTimeHandicapTotal Finish
11Extreme Endurance the Women11:50:09.811:05:0010:45:09.81
22Kickin Asphalt12:18:07.090:45:0011:33:07.09
33Fancy Pants11:21:48.421:05:0010:16:48.42
55Team Reel FRB10:29:33.300:30:009:59:33.30
66Team 00711:08:54.740:40:0010:28:54.74
77Company of Fools11:43:46.100:50:0010:53:46.10
8810 Barrel Sinistor12:34:13.110:45:0011:49:13.11
9910 Barrell Apocalypse12:17:49.150:00:0012:17:49.15
1010Hoppy Cycling Women11:35:44.350:50:0010:45:44.35
1111Lunch Box11:56:15.730:35:0011:21:15.73
1212Without Mercy9:21:15.020:00:009:21:15.02
1313My Hat is Like a Shark Fin11:14:03.330:50:0010:24:03.33
1414One Big Cluster11:54:48.820:50:0011:04:48.82
1516Team Zynergy(Velo Brew)10:42:48.990:55:009:47:48.99
1617Team Reel 110:06:18.230:45:009:21:18.23
1718Hoppy Cycling Men10:42:32.421:15:009:27:32.42
1819Team Bruck11:28:40.110:35:0010:53:40.11
1920Team Reel Theatre 211:01:50.680:30:0010:31:50.68
2021We'll Catch Them in Ketchum9:41:17.660:20:009:21:17.66
2122NAPP'n with Wives11:34:19.090:25:0011:09:19.09
2324Vern's Vixens10:33:26.650:35:009:58:26.65
2425Team 10 Barrel Puff Puff Pass10:22:24.460:30:009:52:24.46
2526Ontario Road Bikers10:18:54.990:20:009:58:54.99
2627We're With Her11:58:28.580:50:0011:08:28.58
2829What was I thinking9:30:39.200:25:009:05:39.20
2930Giddy UP for Beer9:48:41.230:20:009:28:41.23
3031ACHING BAD!11:53:14.060:25:0011:28:14.06
3132Untapped Health and Fitness10:43:45.960:25:0010:18:45.96
3233Sick Burley9:49:30.220:25:009:24:30.22
3334BMC Show Place9:13:10.440:25:008:48:10.44
3435United we Ride 9:13:04.030:25:008:48:04.03
3536George's Cycles Pastry Club10:25:19.580:10:0010:15:19.58
3637Long Beach Freddies 10:42:12.121:00:009:42:12.12
3738Extreme Endurance the Men10:16:24.710:35:009:41:24.71
3839Violet Femmes11:25:46.630:30:0010:55:46.63
39403 Patch Tube11:09:17.670:30:0010:39:17.67
4041Dusty Bros11:00:49.560:30:0010:30:49.56
4142Team OTC10:14:11.970:25:009:49:11.97
4243NAPP- YOU9:33:44.890:20:009:13:44.89
4344Team 10 Barrel Freak Alley8:36:10.560:15:008:21:10.56
4445Tri Town8:56:17.840:30:008:26:17.84
4546Team Mercedes/Thrivent Duo8:50:46.180:00:008:50:46.18
4647Surf City Wheel Sucks10:16:37.340:55:009:21:37.34
4748Boise Aeros9:27:49.260:30:008:57:49.26
4849SoCal Macho Men9:04:27.430:10:008:54:27.43
4950Team 1849:49:38.740:05:009:44:38.74
5051Gravity Slaves9:31:05.720:45:008:46:05.72
5152Team Saddle Soar8:30:21.770:15:008:15:21.77
5253Team See Food Diet9:20:15.480:45:008:35:15.48
5354The 4 Nicators9:23:13.090:00:009:23:13.09
5455UP Cycle8:23:54.990:00:008:23:54.99
5556Team Bob's Bikes9:44:36.610:00:009:44:36.61
5758Team Endurance 3607:46:24.94-0:05:007:51:24.94
5860Sun Valley Boys10:13:37.360:00:0010:13:37.36
5962Agony Racing10:12:29.380:15:009:57:29.38
dnf15Vino Mioteam0:45:00
dns59Master Yoder's Team0:05:00
Solo 100 Miles : 22 Racers - Final at 8:30pm
PlaceBibNameTeamStateTimeHandicapTotal Finish
174Nani Weiss6:05:58.420:00:006:05:58.42
275Marc Bybee7:52:42.380:00:007:52:42.38
376Sam Cramer6:28:31.870:00:006:28:31.87
478Cortino Garcia6:58:50.520:00:006:58:50.52
579Kevin McDonald6:26:01.300:00:006:26:01.30
680Margaret Hepworth5:52:00.480:00:005:52:00.48
781Scott Hippe5:14:20.180:00:005:14:20.18
883Devin Limb6:40:17.190:00:006:40:17.19
984Dave Hinchman5:54:32.260:00:005:54:32.26
1086Justin Sparhawk5:23:00.590:00:005:23:00.59
1187Paul Smith5:46:30.740:00:005:46:30.74
1288Aiden Worth7:44:42.560:00:007:44:42.56
1391Kenny McDaniel5:01:14.210:00:005:01:14.21
1492Steve Doud7:09:56.980:00:007:09:56.98
dnf70Donna Braswell0:00:00
dnf71Stephani Hilding0:00:00
dnf77Jim Field0:00:00
dns73Jill Mulder0:00:00
dns82John Kormanik0:00:00
dns85Greg Oram0:00:00
2 Person 100 Miles : 1 Racer - Final at 8:30pm
PlaceBibNameTeamStateTimeHandicapTotal Finish
dns90Los Lentos0:00:00