Custom Event Solutions

OmniGo! is not your standard event timing company and has the expertise and experience to help guide event organizers to choose the best possible timing setup for their event. We support unique requests that go beyond the standard timing requirements in creating custom options that will make your event a one of a kind and stand out from the rest. With the capability to create proprietary software in house, OmniGo! works closely with event organizers to find the best solution.


Timing Options

Photo Finish
When the highest levels of accuracy are needed, high-speed video is really the only option. This also allows for photos and videos to be sent to competitors with their results. Something that is uniquely OmniGo!
Chips are the best option for certain events but because of their limitations, do not work best for every event type. Chips are great for large running races or endurance events that require keeping track of multiple laps.
GPS can help competitive events keep track of athletes, and are often the best choice for certain types of long distance, multi-day events. In addition, we can integrate with Strava to create race-day-only results for strava segments.
Manual timing can often be the best option, but of course manual timing with OmniGo! still feeds back into our instant, web-based results.


Results are displayed in real time at the event on a large 4k TV. Results are usually updated before an athlete makes it over to the screen to see their results.
Results are available online at any point during and after the race. Athlete's friends and family can get results wherever they are. Requires cell phone/internet signal.
Athletes receive their results shortly after their competition is over. If Photo Finishes were utilized, they receive their finish line photo and slow motion video.
Results are always posted on Facebook and on OmniGo!'s site. If Photo Finishes were utilized, OmniGo! creates photo albums on Facebook and playlists on Youtube.


The OmniGo! platform offers the knowledge and wisdom gained from two plus decades of competing in and organizing national level events. Among our team's athletic accomplishments, you'll find State and National championships, trips to World's in cycling, and three wins in the Race Across America, the latest setting a world record. The knowledge from this perspective addresses the frustration and inefficiencies in event registration and timing.

The team also has wide technical skills with years of engineering experience, consulting work and prior CTO positions. Everything combined makes for the perfect combination to create the most intuitive, cost effective web based software on the market.

OmniGo!'s mission is to create the most advanced, yet easy-to-use, tools for event organizers no matter what the budget. The final product provides everything an event organizer needs and the results participants will be thrilled with.


Every event is different and OmniGo! has a flexible fee schedule. We work on everything from simple single day races to multi-day stage races. Email us today and let's discuss how we can make your event amazing!

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